Bitboy Crypto Arrested on Live Stream, Fall from Grace Complete

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, was arrested last week while live streaming in front of a former business partner’s home, making accusations of a stolen Lamborghini. The arrest marks a dramatic fall from grace for one of the most prominent figures in the crypto community.

Armstrong was known for his bullish predictions and outgoing personality on his popular YouTube channel, which had over 1.4 million subscribers. However, his reputation began to tarnish earlier this year when he was fired from the crypto media company HIT Network amid allegations of financial impropriety.

In the months since his firing, Armstrong has been involved in a number of controversies, including a public feud with his former employer and accusations of plagiarism. His arrest last week is the latest in a string of setbacks for the once-celebrated crypto commentator.

Ben “Bitboy Crypto” Full Arrest Video. Credit: Atozy

According to reports, Bitboy was arrested by Gwinnett County police on charges of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. Armstrong is alleged to have shown up at the home of his former business partner, Carlos Diaz, and accused him of stealing his Lamborghini.

Armstrong livestreamed the entire encounter, which quickly went viral. In the video, Armstrong is seen arguing with Diaz and demanding that he return the Lamborghini. He also accuses Diaz of extorting him and threatening his family.

At one point, Armstrong’s livestream is interrupted by the arrival of police officers. Armstrong is then seen being handcuffed and led away by the police.

Armstrong’s arrest has sent shockwaves through the crypto community. Many of his followers are now questioning whether or not they can trust other crypto influencers. Armstrong’s arrest is also a reminder of the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a volatile asset class, and investors should always do their own research before investing.

Armstrong’s fall from grace is a cautionary tale for all crypto enthusiasts. It is important to remember that not everyone in the crypto community is trustworthy. Investors should always be wary of anyone who promises guaranteed profits or makes outlandish claims. It is also important to do your own research on any cryptocurrency before investing.

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Bitboy Crypto Arrested on Live Stream, Fall from Grace Complete


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